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Instrowest is your complete instrumentation service provider and we have the ability to service and calibrate almost all types of process instrumentation, we also have the capability to support you and your plant with other instrumentation services you may not have considered, such services are listed below. The client will be provided with a report once all calibrations have been completed, the report will include the state of the instrument prior to and following the calibration, as well as the current condition of the instrument. Recommendations to improve instrument performance and reliability may also be made.


Instrowest has invested greatly in modern and high-quality portable calibration equipment so that we can provide accurate, repeatable calibrations onsite. The list of calibration equipment and tooling is constantly growing to meet our client needs. All Instrowest's calibration and repair tooling are calibrated annually to NATA standards, thus ensuring that any calibrations conducted are accurate and reliable. Instrowest service vehicles are fitted out for remote site work, we choose the safest vehicles we can and fit them out to the stringent BHP Billiton FRCP rules for light vehicles. These vehicles allow us to complete service work on your site, thus minimising interruptions to production and enabling you to get back into production as soon as possible.


There are many ways that Instrowest can assist you with your plant's instrumentation. If you would like to discuss your particular application, process or issues please don't hesitate to contact us, we can assist you no matter how big or small your site is

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List of Services

As a guide this below lists some of our capabilities:
  • Instrumentation design and selection.
  • Belt weightometer services include design, auditing, calibration, and maintenance.
  • Shutdown support.
  • Plant instrumentation auditing and reporting.
  • Level measurement specialists, including product selection, installation, and commissioning.
  • Labour hire.
  • Plant commissioning and plant re-commissioning.
  • Instrument tube fitting.
  • Instrumentation HA inspections.
  • Instrument installation.
  • Flowmeter verification, flow meter surveys.
  • Liquid analytical instruments, pH DO, etc.
  • Control valve sizing and selection.
  • Flow transmitter sizing and selection.
  • Offsite workshop services and maintenance.
  • Instrument calibration and maintenance
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