Electrical Instrument Labour Hire


Instrowest labour-hire, labour-hire done differently.


At Instrowest we see labour-hire a little different to others and we have developed a labour-hire product to suit.


Firstly we don't hire outfitters, boilermakers or welders we only hire out electricians and electrical instrument technicians, why you ask? Because we are industry specialists and this allows us to choose the right person for the right position based upon our experience.


At Instrowest we understand that while our clients need labour-hire as part of their human resources mix it is not always preferable to having the right staff employed full time. Because of this, we have two products:


  • Long Term Labour Hire - Instrowest can provide you with an electrician or E/I technician for your long term labour hire. We use our experience within the industry to screen applicants and always check references. Prior to employment and mobilisation to site our employees can be drug and alcohol tested or medically screened in line with clients requirements. Should our client wish to offer the employee a full-time position we are OK with this and we charge no recruiting fees (finder)providing the employee has been on the labour-hire placement for longer than 3 months.


  • Short Term & Emergency Labour Hire - Instrowest can provide highly experienced, safety-focused electricians and electrical instrument technicians on short term labour hire. This personnel have years of industry experience enabling them to hit the ground running. These technicians can be drug and alcohol tested or medically screened in line with clients requirements. Due to the short term nature and high skill set required this service is a little dearer than our long term rate. Next time one of your valuable staff members is sick or goes on holiday, don't just replace them with another set of arms and legs, replace them with an experienced professional.


Our competitive rates ensure you get quality personnel within your budget, if you would like to discuss your labour hire needs please contact us, we would be happy to work with you to achieve a product that will work for both of us!


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