Instrument Sunshades

Modern industrial plants guarantee high performances, both in terms of production and safety, through a capillary control of the main operating parameters (flow, pressure, temperature, etc.). This is possible due to the constant monitoring of the processes through even more sophisticated and reliable measurement instruments.


The malfunction or deterioration of such equipment, however, creates a series of unexpected and costly consequences

  • • Replacing installed field instruments
  • • Slowing or blocking the production due to the incorrect alarm signal
  • • Early additional maintenance not budgeted and scheduled during the programmed turn-around


The causes are multiple and simultaneous

  • • Low ambient temperature
  • • High humidity
  • • Direct exposure to sunlight
  • • Particularly aggressive external atmosphere ( installation next to the sea-coast, chemical vapours, fine dust, etc.)
  • • Dust/Sand storms
  • • Vandalism or accidents because of unprotected or unsupervised installation


A practical and economical solution is offered by installing instrumentation enclosures and/or sunshades made of GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester). Such protection ensures the maintenance of the instrument in optimum conditions, preserving performance and measurement repeatability. Protection enclosures and sunshades are available in various sizes and are hot pressed with a single layer of reinforced polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber. The self-extinguishing material is particularly suitable for aggressive and corrosive environments and is resistant to UV rays. A version made with black anti-static material with low surface resistivity for classified areas is available according to ATEX standards.


Benefits of the GRP Sunshades and Enclosures

  • • High resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents, and chlorides
  • • Excellent heat resistance
  • • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • • Excellent weight/mechanical resistance
  • • No maintenance and absence of oxidation
  • • Ease of repair


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