Instrowest Team

About Instrowest


Instrowest was established in July 2006 to provide quality instrument contracting services to the West Australian mining and mineral processing industries, with a strong focus upon safety.


The reason for Instrowest’s inception was quality expert instrument services were not being met by the contractors already existing within the industry at that time. Instrowest’s founder and managing director who was dealing with contractors and service providers regularly in his previous role became frustrated with the poor level of service, he was sure that a company built under his guidance around a set of core values and principles could deliver a far superior service that was desperately required.


Instrowest found instant success with the mine sites and processing plants around the West Australian Northern Goldfields where the requirement for a quality Instrument service provider who provided good value for money was instantly recognised. In the early days, Instrowest assisted these sites greatly filling all their needs from design, improvement suggestions, supply, installation, and commissioning as well as repairs and maintenance. Instrowest still works for these sites and considers them to be among their best and most loyal clients.


In the years since our inception we have grown and today we are known for many things that we originally didn’t set out to achieve. Instrowest is now known as the premium belt weightometer service provider in the mineral processing industry, we also have a successful sales division that service our clients’ needs not only via our online platform but also our individual one-off sales. Our instrumentation shutdown teams and shutdown supervisors are the best in the industry and we are continually investing in our equipment to maintain this. Our experience at solving our clients level and flow problems is also well known. Due to all this we now complete sales and service nationwide and are looking to expand this service into new markets.


At Instrowest we strive to provide industry-leading after-sales service and support and have often talked a client through a problem over the phone allowing them to get their plant back up to full production in a very short time. We have set up critical spares for our clients, which are pre-configured and set up ready to go. This means that should an instrument fail, they do not require an Instrument technician to get the plant going again; they simply change out the component and are ready to restart. By sticking to our core values and purpose statement we are able to solve our client's instrument-related problems. This allows them to get on with what they do best, be it producing gold, nickel, zinc, copper, lead, iron, oil & gas, asphalt, chemicals, fertilizer, or any number of products, in a more controlled and cost-productive manner.


Instrowest’s catchphrase “How Much Are Your Instruments Costing You?” is not about the initial capital expenditure required, it is all about the monetary losses associated with poor plant control, be that process recovery, reagent overdosing, product spillage, or reduced plant throughput due to uncontrolled variables.


With this in mind the question must be asked, “How Much Are Your Instruments Costing You?”


Instrowest Safety Philosophy

At Instrowest we don't just think of safety as a necessity that is required by our clients, we think of it as an essential part of our business. Our safety record is essential to the future growth of our business; it allows us to win and retain our clients, lower our insurance premiums, maintain a fit and healthy workforce, get longevity out of our equipment through proper work practices, and know that our employees and clients feel valued and safe in every part of their dealing with Instrowest. We believe that all incidents are preventable and avoidable, and as such we emphasize the risks involved with every single decision we make both as individuals and as a company. We must always consider the consequences of our actions and decisions, and be aware that others around us are making decisions that could ultimately affect us. Safety on any site is a dynamic process, where the actions of anyone individual could impact everyone around them. This must be clearly understood by all individuals within our organisation and should be considered before any action is undertaken.