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Instrowest is the most experienced weightometer service company in the industry and we provide the best service Australia-wide.

Why can we confidently say this?

Instrowest is not an equipment manufacturer, we are an instrumentation service provider and a solution partner for our clients, this means that we can choose to recommend the best make or model for any given application without having to stay within a pre-defined portfolio of products. On occasion we recommend a variety of products from different manufacturers to achieve what others can’t, this has enabled Instrowest to customise weighing solutions for our clients to achieve an optimum weighing performance. The fact that we are independent enables us to tell you what we really think of the equipment you have fitted…..can your manufacturer representative do that for you?

Another benefit of that all our technicians are trade qualified Instrument Technicians, not factory trained (non-trade qualified) technicians. This means we are experienced in dynamic weighing theory and good instrumentation practices and can work on almost all manufacturer makes and models.

When it comes to belt weighing don’t believe everything that you are told by the big manufacturers, give us a call, we do things differently and we are changing the way belt weighing is done!

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Brands that we support

Our capabilities:

Instrowest can fulfill all your conveyor belt weightometer needs from calibrations to full weigh area alignments, load cell replacements, or testing, enabling you to achieve the best accuracy possible from your weightometer.

We also supply new weigh quality (dynamically balanced and adjustable) idlers and new idler frames as well as calibration drag chains, calibration roller chains, static weights as well as weight and chain deployment systems to suit your application.

We assist our clients to minimize their maintenance spend on conveyor weightometers by doing the following:

  • • Supplying calibration chains or weights to the site so that we can fly to the site to complete the calibration, thus reducing travel spending.
    • Calibrating multiple sites on the one “run” to split a flight, travel accommodation, and vehicle costs.
    • Provide over-the-phone fault-finding assistance to our regular clients to enable us to travel to the site with the correct parts to complete a repair.
    • Designing and installing the right combination of weighing and calibration equipment to maximize accuracy and minimize downtime and calibration time.
Calibration Chains and Deployment Systems:

Instrowest has developed our own range of industry-leading calibration roller chains, drag chains, and deployment systems to suit all makes and models of belt weightometers.

The engineering and design that has gone into these roller chains and deployment systems have made them industry-leading and extremely safe and as with most products, we are continually improving the products to suit new applications.

Our range of calibration accessories includes: 

• Calibration drag chains from 6 to 85 kg/meter
• Calibration roller chains from 75 to 500 kg/meter
• Chain deployment winches and systems
• Custom made static weights and deployment systems

If you would like to know more about our calibration chains or deployment systems please email or call us and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Complete Systems

Instrowest can design, install, commission, and maintain a belt weigher package to suit your exact needs at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. By maintaining an innovative approach using new and innovative products we can still achieve high accuracy without the high price tag.

Have a perusal of our Case Studies page to see some recent and not-so-recent case studies.

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