Ramsey™ (Thermo Scientific)

Thermo Scientific Ramsey, one of the world’s largest providers of conveyor belt scales and electronic integrators. The rugged construction and leading-edge designs of our belt scale systems have ensured reliable performance and provided unmatched versatility for over 60 years.


All Thermo Ramsey belt scale systems let you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.


Thermo Ramsey conveyor belt scales are available with below range of specifications:


Up to +/-0.25% in accuracy
Single, dual, and multi idler (up to 6 idler)
Belt width from 16 Inch (406 mm) to 102 inch (2,591 mm).All of our conveyor belt scales provide vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.
Factory-installed and calibrated overload protection
Pivotless design with no linkages to introduce errors
No moving or wearing parts to cause potential maintenance problems
Compact design for easy installation and alignment
No place for material to build up and cause measurement errors


Instrowest is a supplier and service provider for Thermo Ramsey Belt Scale System in Western Australia.


As each application of this product is different, we custom design a solution for you.
Please email sales@instrowest.com.au and one of our experienced technicians will contact you to discuss a solution.

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