Shutdown and project support trailer


Instrowest's custom built project and shutdown support trailer has been specifically designed and built to service our clients. This trailer is a clean room, office and crib facility all rolled into one, ideal for a small team of technicians.


We regularly use this trailer for shutdown support and plant commissioning.


Previously we found that we could not carry enough specialist tooling, or commonly used consumables with us and that we often spent hours looking for and or ordering a $20 part, or waiting for another technician to finish with a calibrator or cordless tool. We also found that most clients crib facilities were lacking and that we had no place to run an induction, meeting, shift change or even hang a gannt chart. With our shutdown trailer this is no longer an issue!


The Instrowest shutdown trailer is loaded with calibration tooling, hand tools, crib facilities and office equipment for document control; this allows us to complete the job and the appropriate documentation onsite with little fuss.


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