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Instrowest have been supplying shutdown support since our inception and this is something we have maintained a focus on consistently improving. Because of this continued improvement we now firmly believe that we are the industry leaders in supplying high-quality electrical instrument shutdown support. So what makes us confident in saying this?


  • Our People. On shutdowns, our high-quality full-time and regular casual staff make the biggest difference. We have a great team and our full-time employees have a huge range of experience that ensures success.

  • Our Safety. We have an excellent safety record and we maintain a continual focus upon safety to ensure it stays this way. At Instrowest we understand the safety risks commonly associated with shutdown maintenance and we ensure that our technicians complete a formal hazard analysis prior to each job.

  • Our Shutdown and Project Support Trailer. Instrowest's custom-built project and shutdown support trailer has been specifically designed and built to serve our client's shutdown needs. This trailer is a clean room, office, and crib facility all rolled into one, ideal for a small team of technicians.
  • Our Tooling and Equipment. Instrowest has invested greatly in quality calibration tooling and equipment, and as such can now complete almost all onsite calibrations required. Instrowest has enough calibration tooling to keep every employee busy and not wait for someone to finish with a tool before they are able to start their task.
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  • Because Instrowest specialize in instrumentation, this has allowed us to equip ourselves with high-quality calibration tooling rarely carried by other contracting companies. We are continually increasing our range of calibration equipment and tooling and as such we are well equipped to provide fully equipped maintenance and shutdown personnel. Our calibration tooling is NATA calibrated every 12 months to ensure its accuracy and repeatability. All calibration tooling is complete with all leads and process connections in a field box so that the technician is not searching for parts to complete the job.


  • Our Shutdown Reports and Record-Keeping. Instrowest can provide shutdown reports listing all issues found and recommendations for future improvements, these can be equipment specific or in regards to site organisation. We customize our reports depending on the requirements of the site and they are provided for a fee (hourly rate) post-shutdown


  • Our Calibration App. We will save all our calibration sheets via our Calibration App and supply key client contacts with a login to our calibration CMS.


  • Our Experience. We have many years of experience assisting clients with their shutdowns and by working closely with them we get to know their sites and can then make recommendations that result in massive cost savings going forward.


If you have a shutdown coming up and would like to discuss your needs please contact us, our friendly team can even arrange a presentation for you and your management team.