Instrument Maintenance


If you require ongoing instrument maintenance on your plant or equipment then you have come to the right place, Instrowest can offer either short term or ongoing instrument maintenance support to assist you with your needs.

For ongoing maintenance support we can provide discounted competitive rates to ensure that the finances of such an arrangement stack up.

We can also assist with your instrumentation maintenance needs during shutdowns, our instrumentation shutdown support is the best in the industry. For more on our shutdown teams see our Shutdown Support page.

If you require a qualified and experienced technician to assist you with instrumentation labour coverage during a team members absence then we can provide you with a labour hire employee to suit your needs, For more information on labour coverage see our labour hire page.

If you require some guidance on instrument maintenance requirements or preventative maintenance optimisation on your plant instrumentation, we also have the experience to assist you with this.

Contact us to discuss your instrumentation maintenance needs, we will do our best to assist you with your requirements.


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