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UGL – Yarraloola & Paraburdoo

Solar C-50 & BOP Instrumentation Calibrations

In July of 2013, Instrowest was approached by UGL to calibrate the instrumentation on two new APA gas pipeline expansion projects from Dampier to the Goldfields. Two Solar Centaur 50 compressors and associated field balance of plant instrumentation. These units came as completed vendor packages shipped from Solar overseas, and the majority of instruments did not have any form of calibration certificate or verification from the factory. As this was a requirement by APA for UGL to be able to hand the project over, and with their completion deadline looming, UGL were in need of a third party to verify the accuracy of instruments at short notice and in the shortest time possible.

Well aware of the importance of this task and UGL’s requirement to meeting their construction deadlines, Instrowest assembled a crew with both instrumentation and commissioning experience and mobilized to site within the shortest time possible. Upon arrival, our team immediately began to liaise with the engineering team and other contractors to begin work while causing the least amount of disruption to construction activities already underway.

Instrowest Technicians found several issues during our calibration and commissioning work that also had to be rectified. These included instruments with incorrect ranges, incorrect wiring, and unattainable 1:20 fall on tube work requiring Instrowest to engineer a solution, all of which were rectified.

Instrowest Technicians worked hard to ensure the deadline was met. All instrumentation was tested to full scale at 25% increments and the findings recorded on our electronic calibration sheets. Instrowest managed to calibrate all instruments and complete all field and Solar tie in tube work ahead of schedule, a great result for UGL, APA and Instrowest.


Through efficient management and hard work from a dedicated crew of Instrument technicians, we were able to calibrate and verify the accuracy of instruments on these two Gas Turbine compressors and rectifying a variety of issues, it was a great result.

This resulted in APA contacting Instrowest directly to assist in the commissioning of a total of 4 Solar turbine packages throughout the Pilbara, in Yarraloola and Paraburdoo.

Each package was completed ahead of schedule and calibration certificates provide directly to APA upon completion.

Vince Tunks, Construction Supervisor for APA wrote the following
comment with our Instrowest supervisor following the job:
“I was impressed with Instrowest in all aspects, especially your knowledge and ability to adapt to changes and missing details. I would not hesitate to have Instrowest on another installation”.

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