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Silver Lake Resources – Randall’s Gold Hydrochloric Acid Tank Level Transmitter

The Problem

Silver Lake Resources contacted Instrowest to discuss issues that they were having with their level transmitter on their hydrochloric acid tank. The erroneous readings that they were receiving from their installed level transmitter were concerning, given that if not carefully monitored site could either run out of HCl acid or order a delivery that was not required. Given the criticality of this instrument they requested a new level transmitter that would be accurate and reliable.

Instrowest had in the past had great success with the Siemens LUT420 ultrasonic level transmitter, although given the aggressive nature of the hydrochloric acid we had to be sure that we selected a transducer and mounting bracket that would not only be precise and reliable but also was made of the correct wetted material as to not be effected by the product it was measuring.

The Solution

The solution was to utilise the standard XPS10 ultrasonic transducer in conjunction with the LUT420 in addition we had to manufacture a custom mounting bracket manufactured from ABS material to withstand the harsh hydrochloric acid environment.

The LUT420 transmitter and the XPS10 transducer were selected for numerous reasons, including:

  • Highly Accurate, +/- 1mm.
  • The remote transducer can be located in the hazardous area inside the tank while the user interface is mounted in a safe area.
  • The easy to use quickstart guided user interface.
  • Easy to read large display means no remote indicator was required.
  • Siemens proven “Sonic Intelligence” allows excellent echo profiling and false echo suppression directly from the unit.
  • Can display in level or volume.
  • AC and DC power supply versions available.
  • Can be matched with a variety of transducers to suit specific applications.


The new LUT420 level transmitter has been in operation now for 3 months and has proven itself to be dependable and accurate for this application. Site is now able to accutatly monitor their inventry of HCl acid. By considering the whole installation and the material being measured Instrowest were able to provide a reliable solution to suit the clients needs.


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