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Ravensdown Fertiliser’s- Weightometer Installation

Instrowest was approached by Ravensdown Fertilisers, located in Kwinana, to provide a solution to the problems they were having in regards to weighing their products on two separate belts. Instrowest travelled to site to scope the job and in terms of accuracy and affordability, come up with the best possible solution to meet the client’s needs.


The problem Instrowest and Ravensdown faced was the sheer fact that there was very little room to fit a weightometer with an ideal lead-in and out alignment without changing the structure completely and thus blowing the budget. Upon inspection, Instrowest discussed the possibilities with Ravensdown personnel and decided the best approach would be to install a weightometer on each belt. Although not an ideal situation, due to the size of the belt and proximity to the supply chute, Instrowest believed it was possible to reach the target accuracy, which was set at 2%.


Confronted with the difficult task, Instrowest went away and endeavored to find a product that would meet the client’s needs wants and constraints. In the end, the product chosen was a Siemens MUS Weighframe, complete with a TASS speed sensor and Siemens BW500L Integrator for each conveyor.


During installation, Instrowest Technicians worked hard to ensure the end result would be desirable. The old idler frames were removed, making way for new frames. These frames were then positioned as evenly as possible and shimmed across the designated “weigh area”, allowing a more even weight distribution.


Once installed and ready to run, Instrowest technicians performed numerous calibrations until the desired accuracy was achieved. This process involved using all three calibration methods - static weight calibration, using calibration chains and material calibration. After many calibrations and making minor adjustments to both the Weighframe and the Integrator, Instrowest technicians were able to produce a repeatable accuracy of ± 1.5%. This result was within the desired accuracy and both Ravensdown and Instrowest were pleased with the outcome.




The end result was two Weightometers performing within their desired accuracies, despite being mounted in unfavorable positions. This was a great result for Ravensdown, Siemens and Instrowest.


Jason Christofis, of Siemens had the following to say in regards to the job -


"In relation to the Siemens Weighers being installed at Ravensdown Fertilisers, Instrowest achieved excellent accuracy results. It must be stated that the install position of the weighers was not ideal, as there was no physical room for the recommended pre and post straight run requirements, however Instrowest used innovative installation and commissioning techniques to give the customer higher than expected results of accuracy. We hope to do many more projects with Instrowest!"


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