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OPS Crushing & Screening – Siemens/Tecweigh Installation

Instrowest was recently approached by OPS Crushing and Screening to assist them with procuring, installing and commissioning a belt weigher for a mobile stacker application for one of their clients in the Pilbara.


As OPS utilises Instrowest for belt scale engineering and installations on various stacker applications throughout their business, they were confident that we could deliver in the short time frame required. Another issue is that the design of the Anaconda stackers used by OPS makes installation of standard belt scales very difficult with minimal room and fixed/welded trough idler frames over the full length of the stacker.


Instrowest’s solution was to install a Siemens MUS belt scale supported by a Tecweigh integrator and speed sensor. The flexibility given by the 24v option of the Tecweigh integrator, coupled to the two piece Siemens MUS scale, allowed fast and efficient installation while retaining the accuracy needed for the turnover of the project.


Instrowest worked alongside an OPS boilermaker to fabricate the custom brackets required to mount the belt scale and cut out the fixed trough idler between stringers. By utilizing the onsite boilermaker, Instrowest was able to reduce the installation cost and duration.


Instrowest technicians were then able to install the belt scale and mount the trough idler in place while adjusting relevant idler spacings. The frames were then shimmed and string lined to ensure maximum accuracy across the weigh area.


This installation was able to be completed within one day and commissioning of the weightometer with calibration chains was carried out on a second day.




Instrowest was able to complete the installation of this belt scale on time and within budget, allowing OPS to meet their client’s short timeframe and specified requirements.


The combination between the Tecweigh Integrator and Siemens belt scale was a success for low profile, 24volt mobile applications, including stackers and crushers. This combination reduced installation time, whilst still achieving a quality belt scale for mobile crushing applications.

If you would like Instrowest to assist you with any weighing queries or problems please contact Instrowest.


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