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Ngarda, Yarrie- Tecweigh Installation

Ngarda approached Instrowest in November 2012 to inspect a weightometer that was reading faulty. The problem Ngarda were having was that the Integrator (a Schenck Intercont Plus) totaliser was reading backwards and also reading significantly low numbers when large amounts of product were travelling over the belt. An Instrowest technician immediately travelled to site to try to assist with the problem and to help get the conveyor back up and running. After looking into the issue on site, it was confirmed that the unit was unserviceable. That day, measurements were taken for a new Belt weigher so that on arrival back in Perth, Instrowest could immediately quote a new installation, ensuring a quick turnaround.


It was decided the best option would be to install a new Tecweigh WY15, chosen for its ease of use, accuracy and dependability. The Tecweigh WY15 comes complete with in-built Calibration weights and a WP20 Integrator. Understanding the financial impact the weightometer failure had on Ngarda, Instrowest worked hard to ensure the job could be completed as quick as possible. Knowing how easily a job can be delayed or held up as the result of missing parts or equipment, the decision was made by Instrowest and Ngarda to have Instrowest Technicians drive from Perth to Port Hedland. By driving to site, Instrowest techs were able to take with them an Instrowest service ute, stocked full of possible spare parts and necessary tooling, making sure any unforeseen problems could be easily taken care of.


Once on site, Instrowest technicians quickly got to work removing the old unserviceable Schenck system. Once removed, our technicians started work on the new Tecweigh. With the use of “Belt Lifters” Instrowest technicians are able to safely and quickly maneuver frames in and out of the Stacker. Once in, the WY15 frame was secured to the stringers, with the idler frames then evenly spaced over the weigh area. The frames were then shimmed and string lined to ensure maximum accuracy. The Tecweigh integrator was then installed into an existing cabinet. Once installation had finished, zero, span and speed sensor calibrations were performed. Due to the experience Instrowest technicians have in regards to the Tecweigh unit and Weighframe installations, our technicians were able to complete the job within two days, enabling Ngarda to be up and running as soon as possible.



The Tecweigh installation turned out to be a great success with Ngarda’s lost work time kept as short as possible. This weightometer has now been operating since December 2012 without any issue.


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