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MMG – Golden Grove - CMC Manifold Upgrade

Instrowest was approached by our client to create a solution for the replacement of their CMC dosing system to meet further demands and maintainability.


Instrowest scoped, quoted, designed, built and commissioned a dosing manifold from start to finish. The construction and pre commissioning phase was completed in the workshop before being sent to site. Commissioning on site took place in December 2014.


This manifold was built using all high quality parts; Swagelok tubing and fittings were selected for their ease of disconnection and reconnection. CMC is a solution which can block up, thus having fittings that can easily be removed and put back together is a huge advantage in comparison to the dosing manifolds currently on site.


The new manifold consists of 5 complete dosing points and 3 spare dosing points for future expansion. These are designed with differing flow rate abilities as specified by the client. Each dosing point consists of a Yokogawa AXF flow transmitter Bray control valve and lockable isolation ball valves. Each flowmeter and valve can be manually bypassed to allow for online maintenance. Each dosing point, as well as pressure control can be controlled remotely by the sites Yokogawa DCS system.


Full valve sizing was conducted by the Instrowest team; this enabled us to select the right size valve for the particular flow rate for each dosing line, V-Notch ball valves to give accurate control at both low ranges of flow and high ranges and being ball valves these also have the advantage of reduced chance of blockage as well as self-cleaning in their action.


When delivered to site this was accompanied by two full folders containing all the calibration sheets, data sheets, Instrument manuals, CAD drawings and proposal documents.


During commissioning this manifold performed very well; the unit was tested to full capacity through each dosing line and achieved aximum flow rates.


If you have a dosing system you would like redesigned or manufactured please let the team at Instrowest know.


Client Feedback


The CMC manifold that was designed and built by Instrowest although in its early stages of service has so far been a success. It was well aligned to Golden Groves design standards and specifications and is the most flexible and maintenance friendly reagent manifold we have on site. Through a simple valving arrangement it enables easy isolation and bypass of instruments for maintenance on-line, and quick and simple flushing arrangements.


With the process demand for CMC being very dynamic and dependent on fluctuations in ore type, it is hard to quantify how the manifold has improved cost savings over our primitive former manifold, however I have no doubt that from accurate real time flow measurement, and simple flow control adjustment of dosing rates from the control room, operators are more likely to adjust the CMC use as required, which in turn delivers savings and improves product recoveries.


I would engage Instrowest again on our next reagent manifold replacement or project.

M.Croft – Electrical Supervisor

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