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Kwinana Power Station Analyser Installation

Instrowest were contacted by Verve Energy to help with the installation of some analysers as part of their “Water Treatment Plant” instrument upgrade. Instrowest were asked to submit a quote for consideration. The quote included all parts and labour included for the complete installation of - 6x Yokogawa Conductivity Probes, 1x Yokogawa pH Probe, 3x dual channel Sodium Analysers, 2x dual channel Silica Analysers and a dual channel Silica Analyser.

Upon completing the requested quote, Instrowest were promptly awarded the job. Instrowest set about organising the job and meeting all the client’s needs, wants and expectations for the progression of the installation. It was requested by Verve that Instrowest complete the job in a number of sections, each section taking 1-2 weeks for completion. Instrowest were more than happy to accommodate and set about organising each part of the job.

Upon commencing the first stage of the job, Instrowest set up our mobile workshop on site. This assisted in every aspect of the job, from safety and paperwork, to spare parts storage and tooling, and offered the added benefit of crib room facilities.

The analysers were installed over the course of a few months (as requested by site), with Instrowest contributing ideas and suggestions to help improve the quality of the job and the performance of the analysers.

Communication and organisation play a key role in ensuring the job ran smoothly, to plan, and on time. To ensure this happened, Instrowest assigned a dedicated supervisor to oversee the job and liaise with site contacts.


The project was a great success for both parties and was completed without any notable problems. Verve Project Engineer/Manager, Kenny Symmons, had the following to say in regards to the project:

“The install of the analysers and tube fitting far exceeded my expectations. I would go as far to say that in particular, the tube fitting was of the highest standard I have witnessed in 30 years in industry.

Instrowest also had a keen eye for detail-laser etched instrument/valve tags, an excellent touch.

The installation to date has worked well, with some fine tuning and refinement that my team is undertaking. Instrowest provided prompt site and telephone assistance.

This was a sensitive project, and as Project Manager, I valued the working relations with Instrowest during this project. I would like to think I was as good a customer to Instrowest as Instrowest were as contractor for me. I shall certainly utilize Instrowest well into the future where I can."

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