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Kewdale Hire, VEI Helper X Install

Instrowest was approached by Kewdale Hire to supply and install an
onboard weigh scale system on one of their front end loaders located
approximately 400km South East of Perth.

The client was loading and hauling road-trains to assist with the
upgrade of the wheat belt train line in Buniche. Urgency was placed on
the installation of an onboard scale for the accurate loading of trucks,
with this in mind Instrowest was able to attend site the following day,
install and commission the VEI onboard scale unit ready for use.

Installation of the unit took approximately 12hrs from start to finish.
Calibration of the VEI on-board weigh scale was done at a local
weighbridge using a material calibration method.

Once installed, Instrowest was able to fully customize the unit based on
the client’s needs. The operator was given training on the unit, its
operating capabilities and calibration of the unit.

This loader has since moved to another site, Instrowest has provided
training to the new operator, and reconfigured the system to suit the new
client’s needs.

Instrowest is proud to be the West Australian Service Agent
and distributor for VEI On-board weighing systems, Designed
and Manufactured in Italy; VEI offers operators an easy to use
compact on-board weighing system with a huge range of
functions for use on all Front End Loaders and other mobile

With input from Instrowest this product has been equipped for
the Australian Mining Industry.

No longer will you be locked out from your own equipment or trapped in service contracts

Instrowest can provide full access to plant owners (if required)
for calibration and maintenance. Instrowest offers installation,
calibration, maintenance and training options for the VEI onboard
weigh scale systems to suit your needs.

With two models available, the Millennium 5 and the Helper X,
VEI enables your business to choose the right product for your


As a result, Cardinals Contractors were able to
accurately load their road trains for the duration of the
project without the risk of overloading or under
loading their trucks and optimising performance.

This was great outcome for Kewdale Hire, Cardinals
Contractors and Instrowest.

If you would like Instrowest to assist you with any weighing queries or problems please contact Instrowest.
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