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Case Study - Siemens MSI / MMI Weightometer, Accurate & Reliable

Instrowest was asked by one of our clients to report on one of their weightometers. The weightometer was mounted on the discharge conveyor from an underground head frame and was found to be badly degraded, with worn out pivot points, bad corrosion, mounted over an uneven weigh area, with un-aligned and unevenly spaced idlers.


Instrowest suggested that the best course of action would be to start fresh with a new weighing solution. This involved the removal of the existing weightometer and refurbishing the entire weigh area with new stringers, toughened idler frames, new balanced and adjustable rollers and two new Siemens MSI weigh frames.


Instrowest worked closely with the client’s project team to remove the old weightometer and idlers, as well as install two new stringers that provided a flat and level weigh area in which to install the idler and weigh frames. The stringers were custom made by the project team to create the flat area required.


With the new stringers fitted, Instrowest shimmed up all the idler frames and weigh frames to achieve level mounts for the balanced and adjustable rollers. All idlers were spaced exactly the same distance apart over the weigh area to ensure that the load was evenly distributed. Once all the idler frames were fitted, Instrowest fitted the balanced and adjustable rollers; these were string lined to ensure that a perfectly aligned weigh area was achieved. These rollers needed very little adjustment due to the attention to detail in aligning the frames earlier.


Instrowest then commissioned the weightometer completing a zero calibration. The Span calibration was conducted using a highly accurate set of roller calibration chains.



The new Siemen’s weightometer installation has been installed for 5 months and has proven to be accurate and reliable. Installed in this manner it has an advertised accuracy of 0.25%. Instrowest’s client has been more than happy with the achieved results.

Future Improvements

Instrowest is currently working with the client to plan the installation of an electrically driven winch to assist in the deployment and retraction of the roller calibration chain.

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