Instrowest Case Studies

MTU Detroit Diesel - Dyno Protection and Monitoring Instruments


Instrowest was approached by MTU Detroit Diesel to assist them in designing and installing a system to monitor the process variables present in their Dynamometer. The system had to be capable of monitoring real time values, alarming at pre-determined levels and shutting the Dyno down if limits were exceeded, alarm logging was also requested. MTUDD was also mindful of costs, which ruled out the utilization of a PLC and display system.


Instrowest completed some research and presented MTUDD with a proposal. The proposed system was built around an eight channel Endress and Houser paperless chart recorder that had all the capabilities required, inbuilt within the one unit. The ability of the recorder to accept a variety of analogue inputs also ensured that costs were minimized.





Instrowest designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the system inside the estimated time and then provided the Dyno operators with training on how the system worked.


The MTU Detroit Diesel Applications Engineer was very pleased with the installation and has since been kind enough to write us a letter of appreciation, which can be found on our website.


If you would like Instrowest to assist you with any chemical dosing queries or problems please contact Instrowest.

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