Instrowest Case Studies

Instrowest can find a solution to suit your needs, be it measurement or control. If you are experiencing a measurement or control problem and would like it resolved, call Instrowest. We would be happy to help you find a solution. Below are some case studies illustrating how Instrowest has found solutions suitable to our client’s needs.


Case Study - NLN Mill Temps

After successfully completing a number of shutdown maintenance campaigns at BHP Billiton’s Leinster Nickel Operations it was noted that the temperature control switches on the 6 different lube packs on the SAG mill were unreliable, labour intensive to calibrate and didn’t include local indication.



Case Study - Cosmos Nickel Cyanide Addition

Instrowest was approached by Jubilee Mines Cosmos Operations to help them find a solution to their chemical dosing problem. The problem involved dosing sodium cyanide to the flotation circuit to aid the rejection of arsenic present in the ore. Cosmos contacted other instrumentation and valve service providers but due to the small dosing rates required, typically 0- 150 ml/min, and the tendency for sodium cyanide to crystallize in changing temperatures, a solution could not be sourced.



Case Study - MTU Detroit Diesel - Dyno Protection and Monitoring Instruments

Instrowest was approached by MTU Detroit Diesel to assist them in designing and installing a system to monitor the process variables present in their Dynamometer. The system had to be capable of monitoring real time values, alarming at pre-determined levels and shutting the Dyno down if limits were exceeded, alarm logging was also requested. MTUDD was also mindful of costs, which ruled out the utilization of a PLC and display system.



Case Study - Siemens MSI / MMI Weightometer, accurate & reliable

Instrowest was asked by one of our clients to report on one of their weightometers. The weightometer was mounted on the discharge conveyor from an underground head frame and was found to be badly degraded, with worn out pivot points, bad corrosion, mounted over an uneven weigh area, with un-aligned and unevenly spaced idlers.



OPS Crushing & Screening – Siemens/Tecweigh Installation

Instrowest was recently approached by OPS Crushing and Screening to assist them with procuring, installing and commissioning a belt weigher for a mobile stacker application for one of their clients in the Pilbara.

As OPS utilises Instrowest for belt scale engineering and installations on various stacker applications throughout their business, they were confident that we could deliver in the short time frame required. Another issue is that the design of the Anaconda stackers used by OPS makes installation of standard belt scales very difficult with minimal room and fixed/welded trough idler frames over the full length of the stacker.



BHPB Mount Keith Shutdown Support

Since 2009, Instrowest has been supplying Instrumentation and electrical support to the Mount Keith Nickel Concentrator for their thrice yearly plant shutdowns.

Through suppling quality tradesmen and completing all tasks to a high standard, Instrowest has developed an excellent working relationship with BHPB staff onsite. As a result, Instrowest has gradually taken on the greater role in the E/I shutdown work scope.



UGL – Kwinana Power Station HEGT Instrumentation Calibrations

In November of 2011, Instrowest was approached by UGL to calibrate the instrumentation on two new GE LMS100 High Efficiency Gas Turbines (HEGT’s) being installed at Verve’s Kwinana Power Station. These units came as completed vendor packages shipped from GE overseas, and the majority of instruments did not have any form of calibration certificate or verification from the factory. As this was a requirement by Verve for UGL to be able to hand the project over, and with their completion deadline looming, UGL were in need of a third party to verify the accuracy of instruments at short notice and in the shortest time possible.



Siemens MSI / MMI Weightometer – NSR

Instrowest services a number of clients in the Pilbara with onsite weightometer calibrations to ensure accuracy and reliability on a range of weightometer brands.

Instrowest was conducting regular weightometer calibrations for Northern Star’s Paulsens Gold Mine and was able to track the gradual degradation of a site critical weightometer before it became a major issue. The weightometer was mounted on the Mill Feed conveyor, fed directly from a Fine-Ore Bin. The overall installation was good, however the weigh frame was of a poor design and quality, with numerous openings for rocks and debris to become lodged and hinder the performance of the frame.



Siemens MSI / MMI Weightometer – Western Areas - Cosmic Boy Concentrator

Instrowest was approached by Western Areas to investigate and rectify the accuracy and repeatability issues they were having with their onsite Thermo Ramsey Weightometers. The weightometers had previously been serviced by another provider. Two technicians flew to site to report on findings and give recommendations on how to move forward and obtain a requested accuracy within ±1%.

Upon inspection of the three weightometers installed, we found multiple issues, which were rectified by the Instrowest team.



Ravensdown Fertiliser’s- Weightometer Installation

Instrowest was approached by Ravensdown Fertilisers, located in Kwinana, to provide a solution to the problems they were having in regards to weighing their products on two separate belts. Instrowest travelled to site to scope the job and in terms of accuracy and affordability, come up with the best possible solution to meet the client’s needs.

The problem Instrowest and Ravensdown faced was the sheer fact that there was very little room to fit a weightometer with an ideal lead-in and out alignment without changing the structure completely and thus blowing the budget. Upon inspection, Instrowest discussed the possibilities with Ravensdown personnel and decided the best approach would be to install a weightometer on each belt. Although not an ideal situation, due to the size of the belt and proximity to the supply chute, Instrowest believed it was possible to reach the target accuracy, which was set at 2%.



BHP Billiton - Compressed Air Mass Flow Measurement

In mid-2010, Instrowest was approached by BHP Billiton’s Nickel West to assist them with the compressed air measurement from their compressor house onsite. This consisted of a pitot tube DP flow transmitter on one line and an orifice plate DP flow transmitter on another.

Upon investigation, we found that one DP transmitter had failed and that neither instrument had pitot tube or orifice plate data available. We also found that static pressure and temperature were not being measured or included in any flow calculations. As no data for the flow elements was available, we were unable to guarantee the accuracy of the instruments.



Ngarda, Yarrie- Tecweigh Installation

Ngarda approached Instrowest in November 2012 to inspect a weightometer that was reading faulty. The problem Ngarda were having was that the Integrator (a Schenck Intercont Plus) totaliser was reading backwards and also reading significantly low numbers when large amounts of product were travelling over the belt. An Instrowest technician immediately travelled to site to try to assist with the problem and to help get the conveyor back up and running. After looking into the issue on site, it was confirmed that the unit was unserviceable. That day, measurements were taken for a new Belt weigher so that on arrival back in Perth, Instrowest could immediately quote a new installation, ensuring a quick turnaround.



MACA, Mt Dove - Tecweigh Installation

MACA approached Instrowest in December 2012 to inspect and calibrate two weightometers on their Mt Dove minesite that were reading erratically. The problem MACA were having was that the Integrator (a Schenck Intercont Plus) was not totalising, inconsistent readings were given and very high readings with little to no product running. Two Instrowest technicians were able to attend site the following day after completing works at a nearby minesite, to help get the belt scale back up and running. After looking into the issue on site and running numerous calibrations of the units, it was confirmed that both scales was unserviceable and the best course of action was to remove the faulty unit and start fresh with a new weightometer solution. That day measurements were taken for a new Belt weigher; once back in Perth, Instrowest was able to immediately quote a new installation, ensuring a quick turnaround.



Marvel Loch Water Addition Automation Upgrade

In October 2010, Instrowest was approached by St Barbara’s Southern Cross Gold Operations to assist them with upgrading and automating the Mill Water Addition on their Secondary Ball Mills at their Marvel Loch processing plant.

The issue that the site personnel had was that all the water addition control was still manual and that no metering was in place. This meant that operators had to physically adjust a valve in the field and wait before manually taking a density sample. If the process change was substantial, it also impacted on other water addition points. This resulted in poor control of density variation within the grinding circuit. To compound the issue, the sites gravity circuit, consisting of three Knelson Concentrators, would regularly dump large quantities of water into the grinding circuit when they went into a flush cycle.



UGL – Yarraloola & Paraburdoo Solar C-50 & BOP Instrumentation Calibrations

In July of 2013, Instrowest was approached by UGL to calibrate the instrumentation on two new APA gas pipeline expansion projects from Dampier to the Goldfields. Two Solar Centaur 50 compressors and associated field balance of plant instrumentation. These units came as completed vendor packages shipped from Solar overseas, and the majority of instruments did not have any form of calibration certificate or verification from the factory. As this was a requirement by APA for UGL to be able to hand the project over, and with their completion deadline looming, UGL were in need of a third party to verify the accuracy of instruments at short notice and in the shortest time possible. Well aware of the importance of this task and UGL’s requirement to meeting their construction deadlines, Instrowest assembled a crew with both instrumentation and commissioning experience and mobilized to site within the shortest time possible. Upon arrival, our team immediately began to liaise with the engineering team and other contractors to begin work while causing the least amount of disruption to construction activities already underway.



Kwinana Power Station Analyser Installation

Instrowest were contacted by Verve Energy to help with the installation of some analysers as part of their “Water Treatment Plant” instrument upgrade. Instrowest were asked to submit a quote for consideration. The quote included all parts and labour included for the complete installation of - 6x Yokogawa Conductivity Probes, 1x Yokogawa pH Probe, 3x dual channel Sodium Analysers, 2x dual channel Silica Analysers and a dual channel Silica Analyser. Upon completing the requested quote, Instrowest were promptly awarded the job. Instrowest set about organising the job and meeting all the client’s needs, wants and expectations for the progression of the installation. It was requested by Verve that Instrowest complete the job in a number of sections, each section taking 1-2 weeks for completion. Instrowest were more than happy to accommodate and set about organising each part of the job.



MMG – Golden Grove CMC Manifold Upgrade

Instrowest was approached by our client to create a solution for the replacement of their CMC dosing system to meet further demands and maintainability.
Instrowest scoped, quoted, designed, built and commissioned a dosing manifold from start to finish. The construction and pre commissioning phase was completed in the workshop before being sent to site. Commissioning on site took place in December 2014.
This manifold was built using all high quality parts; Swagelok tubing and fittings were selected for their ease of disconnection and reconnection. CMC is a solution which can block up, thus having fittings that can easily be removed and put back together is a huge advantage in comparison to the dosing manifolds currently on site.
The new manifold consists of 5 complete dosing points and 3 spare dosing points for future expansion. These are designed with differing flow rate abilities as specified by the client. Each dosing point consists of a Yokogawa AXF flow transmitter Bray control valve and lockable isolation ball valves. Each flowmeter and valve can be manually bypassed to allow for online maintenance. Each dosing point, as well as pressure control can be controlled remotely by the sites Yokogawa DCS system.



VEI Kewdale Hire, VEI Helper X Install

Instrowest was approached by Kewdale Hire to supply and install an onboard weigh scale system on one of their front end loaders located approximately 400km South East of Perth. The client was loading and hauling road-trains to assist with the upgrade of the wheat belt train line in Buniche. Urgency was placed on the installation of an onboard scale for the accurate loading of trucks, with this in mind Instrowest was able to attend site the following day, install and commission the VEI onboard scale unit ready for use. Installation of the unit took approximately 12hrs from start to finish. Calibration of the VEI on-board weigh scale was done at a local weighbridge using a material calibration method. Once installed, Instrowest was able to fully customize the unit based on the client’s needs. The operator was given training on the unit, its operating capabilities and calibration of the unit. This loader has since moved to another site, Instrowest has provided training to the new operator, and reconfigured the system to suit the new client’s needs.



Silver Lake Resources – Randall’s Gold Hydrochloric Acid Tank Level Transmitter

Silver Lake Resources contacted Instrowest to discuss issues that they were having with their level transmitter on their hydrochloric acid tank. The erroneous readings that they were receiving from their installed level transmitter were concerning, given that if not carefully monitored site could either run out of HCl acid or order a delivery that was not required. Given the criticality of this instrument they requested a new level transmitter that would be accurate and reliable.
Instrowest had in the past had great success with the Siemens LUT420 ultrasonic level transmitter, although given the aggressive nature of the hydrochloric acid we had to be sure that we selected a transducer and mounting bracket that would not only be precise and reliable but also was made of the correct wetted material as to not be effected by the product it was measuring.



Wiluna Gold Weightometer Upgrade, Supply and Installation

In June 2016 Instrowest visited Wiluna Gold to assist Practon Group with any instrumentation they required on their plant refurbishment. Multiple instruments were in need of replacements and multiple upgrades and new installations were also discussed. Soon after, Instrowest was asked to quote, supply and install a range of different instruments required to improve the plants process control and provide accurate and trustworthy monitoring for operations.

Results: Since the installation and commissioning the new belt weightometer has been performing accurately and without issue......



Case study: Siemens LR260 Radar Level Supply, Install and Commission at Wiluna Gold

In June 2016 Instrowest visited Wiluna Gold to discuss and offer Practon Group any possible instrumentation help that they may require on their full plant refurbishment...

Instrowest recommended the Siemens LR260 radar level transmitters because of our proven experience using them in similar dusty applications. The LR260 is a k-band radar operating at 25Ghz and utilizing the full suite of Siemens “Process Intelligence” features...

Results: In the 2 months since the final commissioning of these level transmitter’s site has experienced no issue with their operation.



Case study: Bitumen Level Measurement BGC Asphalt - Hazelmere Operations

The Problem: Instrowest was contacted by a member of BGC Asphalt’s compliance team to provide a solution for the monitoring of liquid bitumen stored in two new storage tanks measuring about 10 meters high.

“Overloading the vessel may result in extremely hot bitumen spills; this would not only be messy but dangerous”



Case study: Lithium Processing Plant. Reagent dosing control upgrade.

Hanbay Actuator and Siemens Coriolis flowmeter

Instrowest was approached by a member of Large Lithium Processing Plant’s Electrical and Instrument Engineering Department to provide a solution for measuring and controlling....

Results: After some initial commissioning issues with the flow meter, the whole system has been working really well.



Case study: Large Nickel Concentrator Plant - Xanthate dosing control valves upgrade.

Instrowest was contacted one of Australia’s largest miners to assist with reagent dosing at their largest nickel operation in Western Australia.

“These Hanbay actuators and valve combinations were less than two thirds the price of the valve previously fitted”

Results: The Clients maintenance and metallurgical personnel are extremely happy with the results of a 6 month trial of the Hanbay actuators being used onsite...


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